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Foresight Solar Fund Limited has appointed Foresight Group LLP to act as Asset Manager. The Asset Manager is responsible for the day to day management of the operating assets including contract management, asset performance monitoring and portfolio optimisation during the operating phase. Foresight Group is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Foresight's energy infrastructure and asset management highlights include:

Leading asset management capability

Foresight has an active approach to asset management and has developed a leading asset management capability.

Team of 39

Foresight's asset management team comprises of 39 dedicated industry professionals.

300+ sustainable infrastructure projects

Foresight manages over 300 sustainable infrastructure assets.


Foresight's energy infrastructure projects have an installed capacity to generate 2.9GW of renewable energy.

Diverse range of energy projects

Foresight's range of energy infrastructure projects include: solar, battery storage, reserve power, waste-to-energy and wind investments.

Foresight adopts an active and hands-on approach in order to maximise long-term value creation and asset optimisation. This experience has been gained through continual emphasis on operational efficiencies through the consolidation of costs across operation and maintenance activities, negotiating attractive electricity offtake agreements and ongoing technical improvements.

Foresight's centralised monitoring system focuses on:

Oversight of the construction process

Foresight oversees the construction process in order to maximise long-term value creation and asset optimisation.

Detailed portfolio management

Foresight's detailed project management includes performance analysis and reporting.

Strategic direction

Foresight ensures the performance of the portfolio is assessed on a continuous basis and the data recorded is consistent, accurate and relevant.

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