Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations inform and shape all stages of FSFL’s investment process and day-to-day operations; ensuring stable and long term growth.

Foresight Group is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. As a signatory to this voluntary framework, Foresight Group submits an annual report to the UNPRI on its responsible investment activities. For the 2017 full year period, both Foresight Group as an organisation, and Foresight Group’s Infrastructure division, were awarded A ratings.


During the first six months of 2018, FSFL’s 528MW operational UK portfolio produced 260GWh of clean energy. This is the equivalent of:



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Environmental stewardship

Each investment is closely monitored for its localised environmental impact and FSFL works with residents, landowners and local authorities to help minimise the visual and auditory impact of sites.

The solar power plants are managed in a way that maximises the agricultural, landscaping, biodiversity and wildlife potential. This can also contribute to lowering maintenance costs and enhancing security.

The Asset Manager is actively promoting beekeeping on the solar power plants to assist in restoring the native bee population and provide local opportunities for artisanal honey production. The Asset Manager is looking to seed sites with nectar rich wildflower species to attract bees, birds and insects.

Paddock Wood Solar Plant, Kent

On sites where the land was previously used for sheep grazing, the Asset Manager has ensured that the solar plants do not displace tenant sheep graziers. Some sites have also been designed to allow for sheep grazing through the installation of protective barriers around electrical equipment.


Coombeshead Solar Plant, Cornwall

FSFL ensures the solar power plants are being effectively managed for biodiversity by conducting biodiversity audits. The audits ensure the following:

Sites and perimeter hedgerows and trees promote wildflower meadows, nesting and other habitats.

Defective planting is replaced and hedgerows and trees maintained in a healthy condition in accordance with best practice management.

Landscape and Ecological Management plans are adhered to.

Land is kept in good condition and not damaged during operations.


Social and community engagement

The Asset Manager actively seeks to engage with the local communities around FSFL’s solar assets and has organised a number of educational site visits.

The Asset Manager also regularly attends parish council meetings to encourage community engagement and promote the benefits of the solar assets. FSFL also supports community benefit schemes to develop and maintain community assets. Projects funded include upgrading recreational facilities and playgrounds and the provision of bus shelters in rural communities.

Below are a few examples of site visits conducted so far this year:

At FSFL’s Australian site, Bannerton, located in Victoria, students from Robinvale College have visited the site to learn about solar power, electricity and the solar panel process.

 Students from Robinvale College visiting Bannerton Solar plant

In April 2018, FSFL invited the Institution of Engineering and Technology to visit Wymeswold solar power plant in Leicestershire. The group toured the 78-hectare site to witness first-hand the operational aspects of a solar power plant. The site’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contractor, Brighter Green Engineering, explained details of the day-to-day management of the solar power plant and steps taken to maximise operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.


The Asset Manager regularly reviews all solar assets to ensure they are compliant with planning consents and the conditions attached to them and actively engages with local councils.

FSFL's ESG Case Studies

Paddock Wood Solar Park, Kent

At Paddock Wood solar power plant, the following measures have been implemented:

Planting a new apple orchard, 440 metres of new hedgerow and wildflowers.

Log piles built.

Bird and bat boxes installed.

Local bee keeper invited to keep hives at the site.

Funds have also been raised to set up signs for the Hop Pickers Line Heritage Trail. The solar power plant is located on the historic hop pickers railway route where London families used to take ‘Hopper Specials’ from London Bridge Station to the hop fields for harvesting to earn extra income and enjoy the countryside.

Paddock Wood Solar Plant, Kent

Bannerton Solar Park, Australia

Supplying Clean Power to the Melbourne Tram Network

FSFL’s first Australian solar project, Bannerton, won a tender from the Victorian Government to supply clean power to the Melbourne tram network. Not only is this good from a clean energy perspective, by lowering carbon emissions, it will also be beneficial from a social perspective as it provides low cost travel and will help reduce the number of petrol powered cars on the road.

Foresight Partner and Head of Infrastructure, Nigel Aitchison, and Foresight Partner, Carly Magee, supporting the Melbourne Solar Tram


Local Community Grant Scheme

In March 2018, FSFL launched the Bannerton solar park grant scheme, providing grants of up to $5,000 to local community groups. The groups which were awarded the grant were:

Rotary Club of RobinvaleEuston

St Vincent de Paul Society Robinvale

Murray Valley Aboriginal Co-operative

Robinvale College

Mallee Almond Blossom Festival

Englefield V8 Car Trek team

Robinvale Storm Rugby Club

Robinvale – Euston Netball Club

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